Hot topic – here’s my take on it. Yes, you absolute can train Martial Arts at home! You can learn Martial Arts at home. It is worth it. How? Watch videos and train for yourself! Yes, it is not as effective, as coming to my academy and train directly with me, but it is better than nothing! If you don’t have a Martial Arts Academy in your city or can’t afford the training – Just watch my videos and get started!

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Meet me at my school in Switzerland: Masters of the Universe is a team dedicated to helping you mastering the universe. Become the strongest version of yourself. Fight for the good cause, for freedom, for love and for a better world. Mind and Body in total connection, that is the goal of our martial arts way. I love to teach seminars and at the moment, there is a great deal, just invite me over and I’ll share my secrets with you. Peter „the Kraken“ Mettler 3rd degree BJJ blackbelt Sambo „Master of international class“ Judo brownbelt Grappling World Champion (FILA) MMA pro record 12-4 (sherdog: 8-4) MMA European Champion Over 1000 official fights in over 30 countries on 5 continents Fights in Boxing, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sambo, MMA, Sanda, Luta Livre, Grappling and more Certified NLP practicioner Certified hypnotist Certified kettlebell trainer Certified conditioning trainer Certified by Bas Rutten for MMA coach

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